The TL;DR of Brain Factory.

Brain Factory's Services.


AI User Kit

I Want to Learn How to Use AI.

The initial starter kit workshop + resources for someone who wants to get a grip on the mainstream AI apps and how to use them the most efficient way.


Builder Kit

I Want to Build My AI Apps.

The builder kit workshop + resources for someone with some basic coding knowledge that wants to start building it.



I Want Some Help While I Build.

You are making progress with your AI app and want some consultancy on how to take it to the next-level.


Hire Us

I Want You to Build it For Me.

You don't have time to learn how to use AI and just want to get started building your own app. Whether it's a consumer facing app or a corporate solution.

We Walk Our Talk.
Our Consumer-Facing SaaS Products.

We can teach how to build.
Because we build ourselves.
We call this our Spell-Book.

Inspiring Stories,
Powered & Enabled by AI.

Personalized bedtime stories for kids, designed to foster growth and development with valuable life lessons that are tailored to each kid through the use of our Large Language Model personalisation ability.

The solution was built with the combination of several breakthrough technologies like LangChainAI, OpenAI (DaVinci) and cutting edge TTS.